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Amazing scanning and digital data archiving application



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If you a need an application to scan and manage your documents, Rack2 Filer will surprise you as we have been surprised. It offers lots of features and the results are excellent.

It is developed by Fujitsu specially for its new ScanSnap and it works as drivers for Fujitsu scanners, but it can be used with your own scanner too and even with already scanned documents.

Rack2-Filer is an scanning and digital data archiving application with a very intuitive user interface that mixes the best of paper world and electronic world. It lets you work with your documents as if you were doing it without a computer but it offers you all the power f its electronic realm to help you and make your daily tasks easier.

Rack2-Filer is capable of digitally archiving the equivalent of 2,520,000 digital pages in up to 2,520 e-binders. The cabinets can be displayed in a 1-Shelf or 3-Shelf view, attach sticky notes as reminders or as a small bookmark to the edge of a page, use divider sheets to separate filed pages when a binder has been opened to show two pages,... Rack2-filer offers you all the power of a real binder.
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